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Mortgage Bankers Political Action Committee (MPAC)


  1. To promote and strive for the improvement of government in Florida by encouraging mortgage bankers and others to take a more active and effective role in governmental affairs.

  2. To encourage mortgage bankers and others to know and understand the nature and actions of their state government; the important political, social, and economic
    issues of the day; and the role of office holders, and candidates in meeting these issues.

  3. To assist mortgage bankers and others in organizing themselves for more effective political action that they might more intelligently carry out their civic and social and
    economic responsibilities.

  4. To raise funds for the foregoing purposes and from such funds to make contributions to or for the benefit of those who are candidates for appropriate elective offices without regard to party affiliation. We have superior representation with Eric Prutsman in Tallahassee and we need the continued support of our Florida mortgage bankers to insure that we can continue to have an audience with our elected policy makers.

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